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China updates and tightens up Food Safety Law... about time!

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#China's #IP laws: #TM: revised last year #Patent: soliciting comments #Copyright: draft submitted to State Council

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Mercedes-Benz fined $56m in #China for price fixing

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China Air Transport Association, Measures for the Approval of Sales Agency Qualifications for China Civil Air Transport

Approval of sales agency qualifications for China civil air transport delegated to the China Air Transport Association from CAAC.

CLP Reference: 4700/06.03.27

Promulgated: 27 March 2006

Effective: 31 March 2006

Keywords (click to search): airline cargo service passenger services agent air ticket air travel air ticket agency self regulation

Issued: March 27 2006
Effective: March 31 2006

Main Contents: The Measures specify...

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