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PRC Arbitration Law

CLP Reference: 1450/94.08.31

Promulgated: 31 August 1994

Effective: 01 September 1995

(Adopted at the 9th Session of the Standing Committee of the 8th National People's Congress and promulgated on 31 August 1994; effective as of 1 September 1995.)



第一章 总则

Article 1: This Law is formulated in order to ensure the arbitration of economic disputes in an impartial and timely manner, safeguard the legal rights and interests of the parties and ensure the sound development of the socialist market economy.

第一条 为保证公正、及时地仲裁经济纠纷,保护当事人的合法权益,保障社会主义市场经济健康发展,制定本法。

Article 2: Contractual disputes and other disputes over rights and interests of property between citizens, legal persons and other organizations that are equal subjects may be arbitrated.

第二条 平等主体的公民、法人和其他组织之间发生的合同纠纷和其他财产权益纠纷,可以仲裁。

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