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RT @jefflindsay: It's all fun and games for Chinese game copiers until a Chinese court stops you from exploiting a US product.…

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RT @ManagingIP: China patents: SPC proposes rules on litigation and SEPs (sponsored)

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CTMO has finally fixed its computer system, which went down in April: How big is the backlog?

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PRC Patent Law (3rd Revision)
中华人民共和国专利法 (第三次修正)

The revised Law now requires any work unit or individual wishing to apply for a patent in a foreign country for an invention or utility model completed in China to first submit such invention or utility model to the State Council’s patent administrative department for a confidentiality review.


Issue: February 2009

CLP Reference: 5100/08.12.27

PRC Reference: 中华人民共和国主席令 (十一届第8号)

Promulgated: 27 December 2008

Effective: 01 October 2009

Keywords (click to search): patent inventions creations utility model design assignment of patent patentee novelty prior art

(Adopted at the 6th Session of the Standing Committee of the 11th National People’s Congress on December 27 2008 and effective as of October 1 2009.)


PRC President’s Order (No.8 of the 11th NPC)


中华人民共和国主席令 (十一届第8号)

第一章  总 则

Article 1: This Law has been formulated in order to protect the lawful rights and interests of patentees, encourage inventions and creations, promote the application of inventions and creations, improve the ability to be innovative and promote scientific and technological progress and socio-economic development.

第一条 为了保护专利权人的合法权益,鼓励发明创造,推动发明创造的应用,提高创新能力,促进科学技术进步和经济社会发展,制定本法。

Article 2: For the purposes of this Law, the term “inventions and creations” means inventions, utility models and designs.

第二条 本法所称的发明创造是指发明、实用新型和外观设计。

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