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#China's #IP laws: #TM: revised last year #Patent: soliciting comments #Copyright: draft submitted to State Council

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Mercedes-Benz fined $56m in #China for price fixing

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View all four FTZ Plans and Negative List here:

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Supreme People’s Court, Interpretation on Several Issues Concerning the Application of the Law to Trials of Civil Disputes Involving the Protection of Well-known Trademarks

SPC Interpretation to prevent abuse of judicial recognition of well-known trademarks.

CLP Reference: 5100/09.04.23

PRC Reference: 法释 〔2009〕 3号

Promulgated: 23 April 2009

Effective: 01 May 2009

Keywords (click to search): well-known trademarks trademark infringement relevant public unfair competition

Promulgated: April 23 2009
Effective: May 1 2009

Main contents: A people’s court will not examine whether the concerned trademark is well-known or not in...

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