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JLR says it can't take legal action against its Range Rover Evoque's Chinese copycat. "Its a pity but it is as it is"

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Inauguration/press conference for the three new FTZs (Guangdong, Fujian & Tianjin) held today

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BREAKING NEWS: Combined Negative List released for all Free Trade Zones in China

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Shanghai Municipality, Implementing Opinions on the «Shanghai Municipality, Provisions on Encouraging the Establishment of Regional Headquarters by Multinational Corporations»

Existing regional headquarters of multinational corporations in Shanghai that are upgraded to Asia regional, Asia-Pacific regional or larger regional headquarters may be eligible for one-time assistance of Rmb3 million.

已设立的跨国公司上海地区总部升级为亚洲区、亚太区或更大区域的总部, 有机会获得300万元人民币的一次性资助。

CLP Reference: 沪府办发〔2012〕51号

PRC Reference: 2100/12.08.08/SH

Promulgated: 08 August 2012

Effective: 08 August 2012

Keywords (click to search): regional headquarters multinational corporation Shanghai financial assistance

(Issued by the General Office of the Shanghai Municipal People’s Government on August 8 2012 and effective as of the date of issuance until June 30 2017.)


Hu Fu Ban Fa [2012] No.51


With a view to better implementing the Shanghai Municipality, Provisions on Encouraging the Establishment of Regional Headquarters by Multinational Corporations (Hu Fu Fa [2011] No.98) and putting in place the relevant encouragement policies, we hereby formulate several implementing opinions as follows:


I. Financial Assistance and Incentives


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