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Yum seeks China rebirth with fancy new restaurant on the Shanghai Bund

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In the news: Yahoo! folds China ops, trade secret law gets push and the local seed industry shakes up

Mar 24 2015 04:06 ·  reply ·  retweet ·  favourite
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RT @HarvardBiz: How Asian executives of Western multinationals really view headquarters:

Mar 23 2015 03:28 ·  reply ·  retweet ·  favourite

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Transition gaps may hinder new property registration

The new national property registration system aims to streamline processes and provide a unified database, but it is hampered by the lack of clarity in the implementing rules, which may make the transition difficult

In the news: Yum Brands goes upmarket, Sina gets scolded over lack of censorship and taxes follow Alibaba shares

This week Yum opened a high-end restaurant to revive its China sales, regulators threatened to shut down Sina's news services and Alibaba faced tax payments as its second lock-up expired

Legislation roundup: IP and competition, offshore insurance capital and power transmission

The SAIC has required dominant market players to license their IP, the CIRC has expanded offshore investments of insurance capital and the NDRC has allowed selected regions to independently determine power prices

China’s SAT issues regulations on outbound service payments as part of crackdown on tax evasion

China’s State Administration of Taxation (SAT) recently issued a notice regarding payments involving related offshore parties. China has openly declared its plans to crackdown on tax evasion, so the issuing of new regulations come as no surprise

Full Text Translations

Measures for the Administration of the Check and Approval, and Record Filing of Foreign-invested Projects (Revised)
外商投资项目核准和备案管理办法 (修订)

The Measures are revised to follow changes in the List of Investment Projects Subject to Government Check and Approval, which relaxes foreign projects approval requirements.

Announcement on Enterprise Income Tax Issues Relevant to the Payment of Expenses by Enterprises to Overseas Affiliates

The tax authority may proceed with an adjustment for any expenses paid to an overseas affiliate not in compliance with the arm’s length principle.

Opinions on Improving the Systems of First Approach and Advance Compensation Payment of Business Operators of the Consumption Stage to Duly Protect the Lawful Rights and Interests of Consumers

Mall, market and platform business operators may be liable for advance payment of compensation to consumers.

Guiding Opinions on Standardising Names Filed for Cases of Concentrations of Business Operators

MOFCOM gives instructions on case naming for anti-monopoly filings.

Tentative Regulations for the Registration of Immovable Property

China implements a unified national immovable property registration system.

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Law Digests

China Banking Regulatory Commission, Measures for the Administration of the Leverage Ratio of Commercial Banks (Revised)
中国银行业监督管理委员会商业银行杠杆率管理办法 (修订)

CBRC aligns the leverage ratio of commercial banks with Basel III standards.

State Administration of Foreign Exchange, Guidelines for the Foreign Exchange Control on the Insurance Business

SAFE relaxes access to the foreign exchange insurance market.

State Administration of Foreign Exchange, Circular on Issues Relevant to Foreign Exchange Control in Connection with Overseas Listing

Approval requirement of repatriation of offshore listing proceeds lifted.

Supreme People’s Court, Provisions on Several Issues Concerning the Trial of Cases by Circuit Courts

China sets up circuit courts.