Podcast #17: Arbitration in China and its Growing Internationalization

Sep 18, 2020
| By Vincent Chow
The Belt and Road, and the Greater Bay Area initiatives are providing impetus for arbitration reforms in both the mainland and Hong Kong

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With arbitration being the preferred method of dispute resolution globally for international commercial contracts, China has recognized the need to modernize its arbitration system and bring it in line with international best practice as it embarks on high-value global investment projects. In this episode, Hu Ke shares insights about Beijing’s pro-arbitration strategy; its ties to the Belt and Road and the Greater Bay Area initiatives; major reforms opening up the mainland market to foreign arbitral institutions, and more.

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Hu Ke is a Beijing-based disputes partner at Jingtian and Gongcheng who specializes in international litigation and arbitration.

The China Law Podcast is a weekly podcast exploring China’s business and financial sectors from a legal perspective. Get in touch at [email protected] with any feedback and ideas for future episodes.

Episode outline

  • 01:16 Legislative background of arbitration in China
  • 04:12 Arbitration as an index for a country’s openness
  • 06:45 Mainland-Hong Kong interim relief arrangement
  • 10:10 Shanghai opening up to foreign arbitral institutions
  • 13:58 Key areas for reform moving forward

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